Energy Advising Services

Building & Mechanical Consulting Services

our professional building engineering services in Vancouver include
energy advising for new buildings
Energy Advising for New Buildings
We calculate the most cost-effective ways to meet your Step Code targets. Find out how Our Energy brings more value to Energy Advising
Ventilation System
Ventilation System Commissioning & Balancing
Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) systems require airflow balancing to ensure adequate airflow. Ask about our services and documentation.
Energy Advising Home Renovations
Energy Advising for Renovations
Choosing the right energy advisor can make the difference in thousands of dollars savings in just a few years. As how we can help with your renovation project.
Heat Loss & Heat Gain Calculation
Heat Loss & Heat Gain Calculation
Sizing the mechanical system means less expensive installs &  better equipment performance. Count on us to provide accurate equipment sizing & distribution specifications.
Air Tightness Testing
Air Tightness Testing (blower door)
For new & existing buildings, improving air tightness is one of the best ways to save money on your monthly bills. Ask us how we can help.
Mechanical Consulting
Mechanical Consulting
We support many contractors on the design side. Having us perform the design lets you spend more time on site. Get your project going, on time.

At Our Energy, We Are All About Relationships

We love showing clients the true value of energy advising. Whether its intricate cost analysis of building upgrade options, or  mechanical system consulting, we quickly become the go-to for fast answers.

With experience in mechanical engineering design & building system analysis experience, we know how great buildings work. The role of an energy advisor should pay for itself & more on every project.

We support contractors, field technicians, builders, architects, & building designers
We provide fast and accurate results with crystal clear presentation
We help our clients meet energy targets in the most cost-effective way