Energy Advising for New Buildings

Energy Advisors for New Builds


Most energy efficiency upgrades are educated guesses.

Heat Loss & Heat Gain Calculation

Precision can save you up to 18.5% in building upgrade costs.

When it comes to energy efficiency upgrades, there are thousands of options. Even for experts, pinpointing the optimal design is unrealistic. When it comes to Energy advising for new buildings, we work with you to go through as many of these options as possible.

Before starting, check out all rebates for new buildings and renovations using the Rebate Search Tool.

Our Advantage

Mechanical Expertise

We have a background in mechanical engineering design and energy systems analysis. We know what efficient buildings look like.

Machine Learning

Our platform eliminates the guesswork. This artificial intelligence engine calculates the most cost-effective ways to meet energy targets.

Coordinated Building Design

Save time by letting us coordinate with the building and mechanical teams directly. We work together to develop the most effective upgrade strategies and understand restrictions. Then, we present options to you for approval.
Energy Advisors for New Buildings

Pre-Construction Home Energy Evaluation

Required to Obtain the Building Permit

✓ Energy modelling from building plans
✓ Energy advising – achieving EnerGuide Ratings and Step Code targets
✓ EnerGuide label
✓ Homeowner Information Sheet
✓ Full House Report
✓ Compliance Reports
✓ Guidance with rebates

The City of Vancouver (CoV) is not governed by the BC Energy Step Code Projects in the City of Vancouver must comply with the Vancouver Building Bylaw (VBBL), and the Zero Emissions Building Plan

Pre-Construction Home Energy Evaluation

Also Offering:

Working with teams to understand restrictions discussing energy efficiency solutions develop optimized building plans.

Pressure and airflow measurement submittal of TECA check sheets:
design, install, commissioning and balancing.

Cost-analysis of building upgrades GHG Analysis.

As required by the BC Building Code equipment sizing specifications.

*Get a 25% discount on Heat Loss & Heat Gain calculations when booked with Energy Advising Services.

Pre-permit checklist, mid-construction checklist large homes GHG calculations.

Ventilation system design consulting on-site system verification.

Don’t have a Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN) Builder Number? We can help you get one.

Mid-Construction Blower Door Testing

recommended for all projects with an energy or air tightness target, required in the City of Vancouver
✓ Blower door testing
✓ Air leakage inspection with thermal imaging
✓ Smoke sensing
✓ Verification of target air tightness level
✓ Mid-construction checklist (City of Vancouver only)
As-Built Home Energy Evaluation
Blower Door Testing

As-Built Home Energy Evaluation

required to obtain the occupancy permit
City of Vancouver energy efficiency requirements for new buildings:

✓ On-site data collection
✓ Air tightness (blower door) testing
✓ Final energy modelling
✓ Official EnerGuide label
✓ Homeowner Information Sheet
✓ Full House Report
✓ BC Energy Compliance Report (As-Built)
✓ Guidance with rebates