Energy Advising for Renovations

Considering Home Renovations?

Here's What You Should Know:
When it comes to making energy efficiency upgrades, there are countless options.

Strategic building analysis can save you thousands of dollars - on renovation cost and on your monthly energy bills.

What You Can Expect From Us:

✓ Energy savings analysis
✓ Cost-optimized renovation recommendations
✓ Expert mechanical system overview
✓ Air quality and ventilation system consideration
Energy Advising For Renovations


Here's What You Should Know:
An Energy Advisor performs energy evaluations of buildings. This is typically an EnerGuide Rating System Service; following analysis, the home receives an EnerGuide Rating.

Standard Services

The Pre-Upgrade Home Energy Evaluation

✓ On-site data collection
✓ Blower door testing & air leakage inspection
✓ Homeowner Information Sheet – detailed breakdown of building energy use
✓ Renovation Upgrade Report – renovation options and their estimated energy savings
✓ Official EnerGuide Rating for building and EnerGuide Label
also includes the Renovation Energy Upgrade Proposal form (REUP) for projects in the City of Vancouver
The Pre-Upgrade Home Energy Evaluation
Energy Efficiency Upgrades

The Post-Upgrade Home Energy Evaluation

✓ On-site data collection
✓ Blower door testing
✓ Verification of renovations
✓ Updated Homeowner Information Sheet
✓ Updated EnerGuide Rating and EnerGuide Label

Additional Rebates for Renovations

– Heating equipment upgrade
– Domestic hot water upgrade
– Adding insulation
– Replacing windows and doors
– Receiving a home energy evaluation
– Making more than 1 energy upgrade
… and more!

OUR ENERGY Can Guide You Through The Process

What Makes Us Different

Cost-Analysis of Building Upgrades

Using data from contractors all around the Lower Mainland, we can perform cost-analysis of renovation upgrade options. This information lets us calculate the best pathway to renovate your home to achieve energy efficiency, instead of leaving it to guesswork.

Your Savings = (Monthly Energy Savings) + (Rebates) – (Installation Cost)
> payback projection
> monthly energy savings projections
> feasibility analysis of upgrades

Mechanical Expertise

We have a background in mechanical engineering design and energy systems analysis. We know what efficient buildings look like. With us, clients get an expert third party mechanical system analysis.

Heat Loss & Heat Gain Calculations
It is common knowledge in the industry – mechanical equipment being installed today is chronically oversized. This means that people are paying more money to install poorly performing systems. What’s more – oversized systems cost more to operate, they make for poor comfort, and they die early. If you are making upgrades to your heating and/or cooling system, we recommend a heat loss calculation.

An accurate calculation will pay for itself, and is required by the BC Building Code.

*Get a 25% discount on heat loss & heat gain calculations when booked with energy advising services

Machine Learning (optional)

For deep renovations (that include renovations to the building envelope and insulation), we recommend machine learning building analysis. Our computing platform eliminates the guesswork. This artificial intelligence engine calculates the most cost-effective and strategic upgrades.