Blower Door Testing

What is Air Tightness?

Air Tightness is a Measure of How Much Air Can Leak In or Out of the Building
The Blower Door

In order to test the air tightness of the building, a blower door is setup to pressurize the building. Then, measurements are taken to find out how much air is leaking in or out. The air tightness rating is the number of air changes per hour, under the pressure imposed by the blower door.

Air Leakage Inspection

We use thermal imaging and smoke sensing to find the places that air is leaking through. This often includes window and door framing, electrical receptacles, duct penetrations, plumbing penetrations, and more. Once you know where the locations are, you can seal them up and save money!

Air Tightness Testing

Our Energy performs air tightness testing on new and existing homes. The purpose is to measure the air tightness of the building and incorporate it into the energy model.

Energy Advising

Blower door testing is most often paired with Energy Advising Services, for both new and existing homes. Click to find our more:
Energy Advising for New Buildings
Energy Advising for Renovations