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We provide backup for contractors, field technicians, builders, architects, and building designers. Contractors and field technicians unload their design work and calculations onto us.  With mechanical engineering design and building system analysis experience, we know how great buildings work.

We love showing clients the true value of energy advising. Whether its intricate cost analysis of building upgrade options, or  mechanical system consulting, we quickly become the go-to for fast answers. The role of an energy advisor should pay for itself and more on every project.

We help our clients meet energy targets in the most cost-effective way
We provide fast and accurate results with crystal clear presentation
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A Message from the Founder

I serve as the chairman of two technical training committee’s here in BC. At this organization, we know that that oversized, poorly designed systems get installed all the time.

Whether it’s a 60,000 BTUH furnace going in a 3,000 ft home, or a HRV system with 13 elbows to the diffuser in the master bedroom that is delivering 3 CFM, industry standards need to be improved. I was contracted to develop heat loss software and installers courses to address these problems. Whether you hire us or one of the many competent contractors that have been through our certification courses, ensure that you are seeing detailed heat loss calculations and commissioned ventilation systems.
~ Christopher Dawe

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Our Motivation

Homes account for an enormous amount of energy usage.  Our goal is to reduce the burden put on our environment. We make it easy for people to be eco-friendly.
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Our purpose is to help clients save thousands of dollars, help homeowners drastically reduce their energy bills, and contribute to a greener planet.
Our Mission

Our Mission

We execute with diligence, we communicate with respect, and we work together,
embracing a collective responsibility for our planet and for future generations.