Mechanical Consulting

We Think About Mechanical Systems Differently


The mechanical system in a home controls comfort, provides fresh air to breathe, exhausts pollutants and removes moisture from the building.

Buildings account for almost 30% of all the energy that humans use. This marks an incredible opportunity to reduce the bourdon put on our planet.

On top of all of this…
The mechanical system constitutes tens of thousands of dollars in operational costs over its lifetime.

Mechanical Consulting
Home Comfort


The efficiency required in the construction industry today makes it increasingly more difficult to properly design and install a mechanical system.

We take pride in our precise analysis systems and protocols. Our smooth workflow allows us to get projects to our clients faster, with more accuracy, and less cost.

Who We Work With

Our Energy works with builders, designers, and technicians:

Plumbing & Heating | HVAC |  Refrigeration

We support field technicians on the design side so that they can excel in the field. Our detailed reports and precise calculation methods help bid more competitively and save money on installations.

What We Offer

Our Energy has a formalized balancing and commissioning process for HRV systems. We measure the HRV to ensure it is supplying and exhausting balanced and sufficient air. Next, we measure each grille to ensure the proper ventilation is getting to the proper areas.

What You Get

We leave you with a signed and stamped document that lists the measured rates of airflow in the building. This is your confirmation that the HRV system is doing what it was designed to do.

As-Built Home Energy Evaluation


Our Energy director Christopher Dawe developed HRV design, installation, and commissioning & balancing protocols for a provincial not-for-profit organization. He serves as the chairman of the HRV committee and offers training around the province for industry professionals.


TECA Ventilation Guidelines Certified
Full ventilation system design, including appliance selection, duct layout, duct sizing, and submittal of the TECA HRV Design checklist

TECA Forced Air Guidelines Certified
Heat loss calculation, appliance selection, duct layout and sizing

TECA HRV Guidelines Certified
On-site inspection of the installed system, pressure and airflow measurement of the appliance and airflow measurement of each supply and return grille. Includes submittal of the TECA HRV Commissioning & Balancing checklist.

CSA F280-12 calculation methods, as required by the BC Building Code
✓ Equipment sizing specifications
✓ Distribution system sizing guidelines
✓ Room-by-room heating and cooling loads, or overall building loads
✓ BTUH / ft²