Heat Loss and Heat Gain

Heat Loss and Heat Gain Calculations

Accurate Heat Loss & Heat Gain Calculations Ensure Equipment Right-Sizing

Are You Seeing Detailed Room-By-Room Heat Loss Calculations?

If not, it is likely that your mechanical system is oversized.
Problems Produced by Oversized Mechanical Systems:

– Inflated installation costs
– Poor comfort
– Wasted energy and inflated monthly energy bills
– Reach end-of-life (EOL) earlier and require replacement

An accurate heat loss calculation pays for itself

Heat Loss Calculations

It Is Common Knowledge in the Industry

Many heating systems being installed today are oversized.
This means that people are paying more money to install a poorly performing heating system.

If you are upgrading your heating system, a heat loss calculation is crucial. This is your assurance that the system is properly sized. Heat loss calculations in BC must use the CSA F280-12 calculation methods. These calculations are required by inspectors in many municipalities, and for organizations that offer rebates.

Services Include:

✓ CSA F280-12 calculation methods (as required by the BC Building Code)

✓ Equipment sizing specifications

✓ Distribution system sizing guidelines

✓ Room-by-Room heating and cooling loads, or overall building loads

✓ BTUH / ft²

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We are heat loss instructors and software designers.
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Our Energy director Christopher Dawe developed heat loss software and training for a provincial not-for-profit organization. He serves as the chairman of the heat loss committee and offers training around the province for industry professionals.

What This Means for Our Clients

Count on us to submit accurate and comprehensive results. Precise results enable a right-sized mechanical system.
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Advantages of Right-Sizing

  • Comply with the BC Building Code

    (or the Vancouver Building By-law)

    Heat loss & heat gain calculations with the CSA F280-12 calculation methods are required by code. 

  • Save Money On Installation Cost

    An accurate heat loss calculation often results in a smaller mechanical system than initially anticipated. This means more affordable heating / cooling equipment, heating / cooling distribution systems, and installation costs.

  • Optimal Building Comfort

    When the heating / cooling equipment is properly sized, it supplies the right amount of energy to the right areas. The result? Consistent and comfortable temperatures throughout your building. 

  • Minimize Monthly Energy Costs

    A properly sized system operates efficiently and requires the least amount of energy. Save money every month with a properly sized system.  

  • Trust the System to Be Long-Lasting

    Oversized systems operate in “short-cycles” – which means they constantly turn on and off. This wears away on the components of the heating / cooling system, which means you will be replacing it sooner than you would expect.